Friday, December 12, 2008

Nandana Topless scene apporved by Censor

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Heroines acting nude has been a trend in Hollywood.But this is the first time in Bollywood that a censor board has approved a topless scene in the film Rang Rasiya.Actress Nandana Sen is going to rise the warmth among the Indian fans by acting Topless.
Rang Rasia is a film based on the Indian legendary painter Raj Ravi Verma played by Randeep Hooda and his lady love Sugandha done by Nandana.In actual story Sugandha will give nude pose to Varma.This form the main crux of the story.
When asked to Rasiya ,she told that the nude scene is the main core of the story and many of them who saw the movie preview told that her nude scene has added complements to the story.When everyone can accept it then why should sensor board reject it.
Thus Indian Sensor board has provided the approval to the frontal Nudity to a Bollywood film for the first time.
Sensor board has approved it.Will Indian People will accept it.From such an apporval it indirectly states that the indian people has come to the ages of Seeing Frontal nudity in the film.Dunno where goes the Bollywood industry.
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